Thursday, July 31, 2014

Enumeration of Gateway licensing

Last a colleague asked me about the license model of Gateway usage. As this was not the first time I got such request, and a clear answer is hard to find online, I decided to base a blog on the answer I provided my colleague. So I at least myself have a source to refer to in future requests... Mind you that I do not guarantee the answer to be future proof, as SAP already once changed the Gateway license model.
In very short, Gateway licensing is as follows:
  1. Usage of Gateway to consume SAP data and functionality via Gateway Services (preferable REST, but SOAP although not SAP-recommended still supported), requires that the end-user has a Gateway User license.
  2. If end-user is already a SAP business suite user, this now also includes the right to consume SAP data and functionality through Gateway services. This has actually changed from the initial Gateway license model. In the beginning you were required to purchase the Gateway User license on top of already paid business suite usage. SAP later recognized this as double-charging it's customer-base, and corrected this.
  3. For new users, e.g. so-called casual users that have never 'seen' the SAP GUI and have no intention to ever use that, you need to purchase the Gateway User perpetual licence. Current list-price is 1,350 USD per user.
  4. In case the new user is using Gateway indirect in context of another SAP product, e.g. Duet Enterprise or SAP Mobile, SAP provides the Gateway User License for Productivity Apps (GULPA). This license is restricted to using Gateway as part of the Duet Enterprise runtime flow or SAP Mobile product. List-price of this is set at USD 375.00, to my knowledge divided in 250 USD for Gateway usage, and 130 USD for Duet Enterprise.
  5. In case of a volatile and continuous changing user-base with anonymous users, a typical example is that of webshop customers, SAP provides a transaction-based licence model: Gateway Consumer Access License. You purchase a 'bundle' of service calls that you are allowed to invoke and consume in a calendar year. Current stock price of a bundle of 75.000 service calls is USD 450.00.

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