Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Preserve X-CSRF-Token requires SUP 2.1.3

At customer we are conducting an innovation project to experience and validate the applicability of SAP NetWeaver Gateway and Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) for exposing SAP workflow tasks management to mobile devices. The App has 2 integration dataflows with SAP backend:
  1. Retrieve the list of open tasks for logged-on user
  2. And per task, propagate task decision to complete the SAP workflow
The integration App - SAP Backend is achieved via REST and OData; which is stateless. To protect against Cross-Site Request Forgery attacks, SAP Gateway requires that data modifying requests include a valid X-CSRF-Token in the header. The token value must first be retrieved through HTTP Fetch via a non-modifying request, and can then in this session be used for subsequent modifying requests.
This approach worked correct when initially SUP excluded, and with requests direct invoked against SAP NetWeaver Gateway. Upon including SUP in the system landscape, we received error '403:Forbidden/Location'. Through HTTP sniffing I detected that the SAP session was not maintained over multiple http requests originating from SUP context. SAP Support analysis on the submitted OSS Ticket identified the inability to preserve the complete session cookie as a problem in the SUP 2.1.1 OData layer, and advised us to upgrade to SUP 2.1.3. This indeed resolved the issue.

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